Regulatory Takings


Federal Legislation

State Legislation

Federal Legislation

Bills in the 109th Congress

In response to Oregon Measure 37, approved by the State's voters in November 2004, and the U.S. Supreme Court's June 2005 decision in Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005), the 109th Congress exhibited renewed interest in the takings, or property rights, issue.

On the international trade front, Congress approved the Central America Free Trade Agreement and President Bush signed the necessary implementing legislation in 2005.

Bills in the 108th Congress
The only significant property rights legislation in the 108th Congress were investor-state litigation provisions included in free trade agreements approved by Congress. Two agreements -- with Chile and with Singapore -- were concluded during the 108th Congress and are now in effect.

Bills in the 107th Congress

Bills in the 106th Congress

Other takings bills introduced in the 106th Congress, none of which were enacted; included:

Bills in the 105th Congress
In the 105th Congress, several different pieces of takings legislation were introduced. Only a few of these bills were seriously considered, as discussed below:

Other property rights bills introduced in the 105th Congress included the following: Bills in the 104th Congress

In the 104th Congress, the Contract with America, championed by then-House majority leader Newt Gingrich, included a sweeping takings "compensation" measure which passed the House of Representatives but died in the Senate.

State Legislation

Oregon Measure 37

Key State Takings Laws Regulatory Takings Measures in the November 2006 Election

Regulatory Takings MeasureKelo-plus Measures Regulatory Takings Measures in the 2007 Election

Takings Measure on October 2007 Ballot in Matanuska-Sisitna Borough, Alaska

Measure 49 on November 2007 Oregon Ballot

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