"Standing and Mootness Decisions in the Wake of Laidlaw." 2003 Widener Law Review, Vol. X, No. 1: "Environmental Citizen Suits at Thirtysomething: A Celebration & Summit, Part I."

"Standing Up for the Environment: Justices Should Welcome Green Groups into Court." Washington Legal Times, 2001. This op-ed argues that that the Supreme Court should reverse the 4th circuit in Friends of the Earth v. Laidlaw and halt the erosion of citizen standing to sue in environmental cases.

"Barely Standing: The Erosion of Citizen "Standing" to Sue and Enforce Environmental Law," by John Echeverria and Jon T. Zeidler of GELPI, criticizing the U.S. Supreme Court case law eroding citizen standing to sue to enforce environmental law (June 1999).

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