NEPA Task Force

In April 2005, Richard Pombo, Chairman of the Resources Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, announced the formation of a "Task Force on Improving the National Environmental Policy Act." He appointed Representative Cathy McMorris to lead the Task Force and directed her to hold a series of hearings around the country on NEPA implementation and to develop recommendations on how to improve the "efficacy and efficiency" of NEPA.

CEQ Letter of Concern to House Resource Committee

Former Chairs and General Counsels of the Council on Environmental Quality, the White House agency charged with implementing the Act, filed this letter on September 19, 2005 with the House Resources Committee’s NEPA Task Force. The CEQ Chairs' letter asks the Task Force to respect the principles of meaningful environmental review, and expresses concern that recent legislative proposals may undermine these principles.

GELPI Testimony

On November 17, 2005, GELPI Deputy Executive Director Robert Dreher testified before the Task Force on Updating the National Environmental Policy Act, Committee on Resources, United States House of Representatives.

Task Force Final Draft

After seven months of public hearings around the nation, the Task Force presented their initial findings and recommendations to the House Committee on Natural Resources on December 21, 2005. The release initiated the 45-day public comment period.

GELPI's Comments

The Institute was among many organizations and individuals that commented on the draft.

Final Recommendations

The Task Force presented their final recommendations to Congress' House Resource Committee on July 31, 2006.


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