Research Archive

The GELPI Research Archive collects the research and educational materials
produced since the Institute's founding in 1997.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Cost-benefit analysis, a popular new -- but contentious -- approach to environmental analysis seeks to reduce the pros and cons of environmental protective actions to a common metric:  dollars.

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Right to Know

Right to know programs aim to improve environmental protection levels by expanding public awareness of environmental threats and empowering citizens to take action to address them.

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Judicial Elections

State judicial elections have become a hotly contested, but little noticed ideological battlefield over the direction of U.S. environmental law.

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Standing doctrine involves the issue of who (if anyone) is entitled to prosecute a particular legal claim in court.

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Trade & the Environment

GELPI's work related to trade and the environment has focused on the investor-state provisions in U.S. bilateral and regional trade agreements.

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The NEPA issue involves the question of whether and how the National Environmental Policy Act, the so-called magna carta of U.S. environmental laws, should be revised and updated to respond to modern environmental challenges.

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