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Compilation of Reading Material for April 11 Land Use Roundtable

Conservation Easements: Perpetuity and Beyond, by Nancy McLaughlin. (September 2007) Emphasis on Parts III ("The Proper Use of Perpetual Conservation Easements") and IV ("Nonperpetual Conservation Easements")

Regulating v. Paying Landowners to Protect the Environment, by John Echeverria (2005)

Property Values and Oregon Measure 37, GELPI 2007

Property and Environment: Thoughts on an Evolving Relationship, by Peter Byrne

Conservation Easements: Planners' Friend or Foe? (see p. 4 and 5) Jesse Richardson (2006)

Selected readings from On Private Property, by Eric Freyfogle (Beacon Press, 2007)

"Solving the Contentious Issues of Private Conservation Easements," Case Research Paper Series in Legal Studies (Korngold, 2007)

Conservation Options: Toward a Greater Private Role, (Thompson, 2001-2)

John Leshy and Molly McUsic's draft discussing the idea of public and/or private buy outs of grazing permits on public lands.

The Culture of Owning, by Eric Freyfogle (Orion Magazine, 2005)

The North Maine Woods: Speculating about the Future, (Pidot, 2005)

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