Disaster Insurance


The Georgetown Environmental Law & Policy Institute published Coastal Disaster Insurance in the Era of Global Warming: The Case for Relying on the Private Market, a report examining various proposals before Congress for the federal government to take on an expanded role in providing insurance to property owners threatened by hurricanes and other coastal storms. Authored by GELPI Fellow Justin Pidot, the report concludes that most of the pending proposals in the 109th Congress are misguided and, to the extent possible, the United States should stay out of the insurance business and allow private companies to provide disaster coverage that reflects its true market cost. 

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On October 26, 2007, the Philidelphia Inquirer published an opinion editorial on H.R. 3355, written by John Echeverria.

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On September 6, 2007, John Echeverria testified on H.R. 3355, the Homeowners Defense Act of 2007, before the House Committee on Financial Services.

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Analysis of H.R. 920, "Multiple Peril Insurance Act of 2007"

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